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2012-04-28 Simple Check-in 'Unknown Error' bug is fixed!
2012-04-14 One touch check-ins for foursquare
2011-11-26 GeoPop - My First Android Game
2011-10-27 [link] Beginning Android Game Development Book
2010-10-09 Mini Squadron - my favorite android game of the moment


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2019-12-20 Should you use Parquet?
2019-11-21 Beginners Guide to Columnar File Formats in Spark and Hadoop
2016-09-01 An Introduction to Hadoop and Spark Storage Formats (or File Formats)
2016-06-29 Is it 'MapReduce' or 'Map Reduce'?
2016-03-02 Type-Safe Scalding MapReduce Tutorial - Joining and Summarizing Data
2016-02-09 Hadoop MapReduce Advanced Python Join Tutorial with Example Code
2016-01-05 5 Industry Veterans Pick Their Favorite MapReduce Frameworks
2015-12-08 Apache Hive vs MySQL - What are the key differences?
2015-10-20 Scalding Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial [Code Walkthrough With Examples]
2015-07-27 Apache Hive Customization Tutorial Series
2015-06-25 Cascading MapReduce Hadoop Tutorial with Examples
2014-06-08 8 SQL-on-Hadoop frameworks worth checking out
2013-12-28 Reading data from HDFS programatically using java (and scala)
2013-11-17 Hadoop Python MapReduce Tutorial for Beginners
2013-11-03 Hadoop MapReduce Scoobi Tutorial with Examples
2013-08-10 Hadoop Hive UDF Tutorial - Extending Hive with Custom Functions
2013-05-31 15+ Great Books for Hadoop
2013-04-17 A Beginners Guide to Hadoop
2013-04-07 Real World Hadoop - Implementing a Left Outer Join in Pig
2013-02-20 Real World Hadoop - Implementing a Left Outer Join in Hive
2013-02-14 An Excellent Hadoop Resouce - The Hadoop Weekly Newsletter
2013-01-05 Hadoop MapReduce Framework Tutorials with Examples
2012-03-09 Tips for using CDH's Hadoop Distribution with Amazon's S3
2011-10-20 Adding JARS to hive without using ADD JAR
2011-09-20 Some fun Hadoop and Hive Bugs
2010-12-29 NullPointerException when performing a join with Hadoop Hive 0.50


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2012-12-07 Do you spend hours formatting word documents?
2012-11-09 How to Format References in APA Style using Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac OSX
2012-11-09 How to do 'find and replace' within currently selected text in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac OSX
2011-12-16 How to have page numbers start on page 3 using MS Word 2011 for Mac
2008-12-03 Be Careful of Data Obtained From Bloomberg using RTD or BDP Functions


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2014-01-21 Data Warehousing and Hadoop 2014 Survey
2013-02-27 Simple Check-in now has more features
2011-10-04 The start of an online puzzle community?
2011-02-28 It has been a good week
2011-02-25 Kindle store prices
2010-11-07 Remember stuff easier


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2013-01-26 Auto indenting text in Sublime Text 2
2012-10-31 Adding scaladocs to a Scala function in Sublime Text 2
2012-10-22 Game Programming in Scala with Libgdx and Box2D
2012-03-18 Scrolling past the end of a file in Sublime Text 2
2011-04-19 A Warning About Apache Thrift's Asynchronous Clients
2010-09-28 Ruby JSON Serialization sucks for Time objects
2009-11-10 Operation Algorithm: Quicksort in C and Scheme


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2017-03-28 A Quick Guide to Concurrency in Scala
2017-03-06 4 Fun and Useful Things to Know about Scala's apply() functions
2017-02-14 10+ Great Books and Resources for Learning and Perfecting Scala


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2017-01-13 10+ Great Books for Apache Spark
2015-12-28 Apache Spark Java Tutorial [Code Walkthrough With Examples]
2015-12-14 Apache Spark Scala Tutorial [Code Walkthrough With Examples]


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2013-02-09 Real World Hadoop Implementing A Left Outer Join In Hadoop Map Reduce


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