Game Programming in Scala with Libgdx and Box2D

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I’m learning the ropes of libgdx and box2d, a cross-platform java game framework and physics engine. However, I code with Scala all day, and I wasn’t quite ready to go back to Java-land quite yet.

So I figured while I was finding my way around libgdx (and game development in general), it might help other scala programmers if some scala examples were posted online as a reference. SBT project setup is a bit of a pain for libgdx + android, so hopefully an example of that might help someone at the least.

Check out the repo on github.

The first example I’be built is a box2d player-control scheme, originally built by Mario on the Badlogic games blog. Screenshot below (running scala!).

The goal is to teach myself different components of the framework one piece at a time, and to post these examples to the repo. Next up I’m going to mess around with sprite animation and tilemaps.

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