Adding JARS to hive without using ADD JAR

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Say you’ve built some library you want to use in Hive, or even in Hadoop. If this library is a UDF for use in hive queries you can load it like this:

ADD JAR ‘s3n://matthewsbucket/superudf.jar’;

CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION super as ‘com.matthewrathbone.SuperFunction’;

If you’re creating a bunch of these you don’t want to have to ‘ADD JAR’ _every_single_time_ you want the function, you want it to be in the library already.

To do that either put it in hive/lib, or hadoop/lib on all the nodes. If you’re using Elastic Mapreduce you can do this in a bootstrap script:

sudo apt-get install wget

wget -o /home/hadoop/lib/super.jar

Now you can skip the ADD JAR step in function creation (which is much faster by the way):

CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION super as ‘com.matthewrathbone.SuperFunction’;

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