One touch check-ins for foursquare

Learning Hadoop and Spark?

I've scoured the internet and I think this free Big Data course from UC San Diego is a great way to jump in. It's hosted on Coursera, so you can audit the course for free.

Sometimes you just want to check-in to foursquare as quickly as possible. Well now you can!

I’m happy to introduce “Simple Check-in”, a one touch check-in app for foursquare. It’s fast, free, and there are no ads (and never will be).

I built the app because sometimes I want to avoid being rude, or because I’m checking in somewhere mundane like the supermarket. This app allows me the best of both worlds, I can check-in so fast no-one knows I even did it.

You can download the app here, from the android market (sorry I mean from ‘google play’)

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