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Learning Hadoop and Spark?

I've scoured the internet and I think this free Big Data course from UC San Diego is a great way to jump in. It's hosted on Coursera, so you can audit the course for free.

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Inspired by the devops and ruby weekly newsletters, Hadoop Weekly is an email-newsletter designed to provide “a summary of the week’s top news in the Apache Hadoop™ ecosystem”. The newsletter is curated by Joe Crobak, a long-time hadooper currently working at foursquare.

Each issue includes 10+ links along with a (very) useful summary of the article linked-to. The summary means that simply skimming this week’s issue might be enough to keep you in the know without having to read everything in full.

At the time of writing, the newsletter has 4 issues and has already attracted a several hundred subscribers. I myself have found it invaluable for catching up on the top hadoop stories of the moment.

Check it out, or subscribe to the rss feed if you don’t like emails.

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