Data Warehousing and Hadoop 2014 Survey

Learning Hadoop and Spark?

I've scoured the internet and I think this free Big Data course from UC San Diego is a great way to jump in. It's hosted on Coursera, so you can audit the course for free.

Colorful Tape Drives (Image from ‘Don DeBold’ on flickr)

I’m currently researching the problems that organizations face with their data warehousing and Hadoop deployments.

Do you have a data warehouse?

Do you use Hadoop for data analysis and reporting?

Do you think this infrastructure offers you the best return on investment?

I want to help organizations make the most of their analytics and reporting infrastructure, but to do that I need your help. I’ve started a quick survey to collect information on how these tools are used, and the problems with them.

If you have two minutes, your input would be very valuable. I will happily share the outcome of the survey with you if you are interested.

Click here for the survey.

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